Making Your Wedding Beautiful on a Small Budget

Making Your Wedding Beautiful on a Small Budget

Not everyone who is looking to plan a wedding has a fat wad of cash to spare, so finding was to pull it off on a small budget is important to a lot of

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Not everyone who is looking to plan a wedding has a fat wad of cash to spare, so finding was to pull it off on a small budget is important to a lot of people. That doesn’t mean you need to settle for mediocre wedding, though; there are plenty of things you can do to shave your budget while making it everything you ever dreamed about. Here are a few ideas to help you get into the swing of things by identifying areas of your wedding that can be made much cheaper.

Cupcakes Instead of Cake

Wedding cake is incredibly expensive, and if you have a large guest list it can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars just for wedding cake to your expenses. Almost everyone can make cupcakes themselves, or they know someone who can, so consider passing those around instead of paying a baker to make and decorate an expensive cake. When an amateur tries to make a wedding cake, it is painfully obvious. But cupcakes are much more forgiving so that’s why they are the perfect option.

Paper Flowers

Wedding flowers are another expensive staple to your shopping list that can be eliminated. Consider purchasing or making your own paper flowers for your table centerpieces rather than buying real flowers. Not only can this save you a ton of scratch, but it can also be a great icebreaker for your guests. I’ve heard many nice comments about paper flowers and what an “elegant touch” they are perceived to be at a reception.

Wedding Sparklers

Using sparklers at your wedding either in your centerpieces or in place of confetti is another way to save money. Granted, wedding sparklers aren’t’ much cheaper than confetti, but they are much more fun for your guests and they are definitely cheaper than using real flowers for your centerpieces. They make specially packaged sparklers for weddings that look great in the middle of your tables in the box or you can take them out and mix them with your paper flowers in your centerpieces.

Small Ceremony

Many couples have their ceremony and reception at the same venue to conserve their budget, but that isn’t always a great option. Whether the only nearby reception halls don’t strike your fancy or you just want you ceremony to be somewhere special, many couples prefer to have their ceremony and reception at separate locations. To save money in that scenario, you should consider having a small ceremony with your closest friends and family only and then having a much larger reception after the fact. Smaller ceremony venues are much less expensive since you don’t have to accommodate as many people for seating and decorating.

Skip the DJ

Finally, hiring a pro wedding DJ can seem like a great idea, but it will cost you anywhere from $500 and up. Instead, take the time to put together a playlist of your own and just pump it through the venue’s sound system. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you are only going to hear songs that you absolutely love.

Every couple wants something a little different out of their wedding, so where you choose to shave your budget is entirely a matter of preference. Maybe you’d rather spend the extra money on real flowers instead of using wedding sparklers in your centerpieces. Maybe hiring a prod DJ is an important concept to you. Just balance out your wants and your needs with creative alternatives that lower your costs and you can keep you on budget a lot easier.