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In the US, divorce is just a usual incident. In fact, it is reported that about 50% of marriages actually end up in divorce. The thing is, for sure each of these couples doesn’t really assume that they end up that way. For sure they have their happy days as well and for sure, they too tried hard to keep their marriage solid.

However, there are really times when unknowingly, they left trivial things left unattended until such time that they cannot be controlled anymore. This is why if you want to protect your marriage, you should be aware of some of the most common mistakes married couples have committed.

Their situation in bed

Admit is, there are those that get married because of this. However, sad to say that the magic did not last and because of that, husbands tend to stray. They get from others like from London escort what is deprived of them at home.

Financial situation

This is another aspect that is always the root of arguments. In fact, this is the usual focal point of stresses that each of them might try to camouflage until such time that they will just burst.


Yes, children can also be the reason for arguments as most of the time, one partner will be too engrossed with the responsibility to their kids that she forgets she has a partner. There will be a lot of times when the wife is already too beat up to even attend to the needs of his husband causing him to stray.


Seems like a trivial reason but then again, boredom can cause serious troubles if one partner can’t endure this. He might end up in places that can lead him to cheat her wife. You can’t really say it’s the wife obligation to always be available for the husband but she should make time at least. The husband must also understand that he is not the only Responsibility of his wife as they have started a family.


There are times when because one partner can’t seem to let go even the littlest issue, they end up fighting all the time. Thus such incidents can become huge and can even lead to divorce.

If you want your marriage to last, you don’t have to be a saint but you should understand each other.


Not everyone who is looking to plan a wedding has a fat wad of cash to spare, so finding was to pull it off on a small budget is important to a lot of people. That doesn’t mean you need to settle for mediocre wedding, though; there are plenty of things you can do to shave your budget while making it everything you ever dreamed about. Here are a few ideas to help you get into the swing of things by identifying areas of your wedding that can be made much cheaper.

Cupcakes Instead of Cake

Wedding cake is incredibly expensive, and if you have a large guest list it can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars just for wedding cake to your expenses. Almost everyone can make cupcakes themselves, or they know someone who can, so consider passing those around instead of paying a baker to make and decorate an expensive cake. When an amateur tries to make a wedding cake, it is painfully obvious. But cupcakes are much more forgiving so that’s why they are the perfect option.

Paper Flowers

Wedding flowers are another expensive staple to your shopping list that can be eliminated. Consider purchasing or making your own paper flowers for your table centerpieces rather than buying real flowers. Not only can this save you a ton of scratch, but it can also be a great icebreaker for your guests. I’ve heard many nice comments about paper flowers and what an “elegant touch” they are perceived to be at a reception.

Wedding Sparklers

Using sparklers at your wedding either in your centerpieces or in place of confetti is another way to save money. Granted, wedding sparklers aren’t’ much cheaper than confetti, but they are much more fun for your guests and they are definitely cheaper than using real flowers for your centerpieces. They make specially packaged sparklers for weddings that look great in the middle of your tables in the box or you can take them out and mix them with your paper flowers in your centerpieces.

Small Ceremony

Many couples have their ceremony and reception at the same venue to conserve their budget, but that isn’t always a great option. Whether the only nearby reception halls don’t strike your fancy or you just want you ceremony to be somewhere special, many couples prefer to have their ceremony and reception at separate locations. To save money in that scenario, you should consider having a small ceremony with your closest friends and family only and then having a much larger reception after the fact. Smaller ceremony venues are much less expensive since you don’t have to accommodate as many people for seating and decorating.

Skip the DJ

Finally, hiring a pro wedding DJ can seem like a great idea, but it will cost you anywhere from $500 and up. Instead, take the time to put together a playlist of your own and just pump it through the venue’s sound system. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you are only going to hear songs that you absolutely love.

Every couple wants something a little different out of their wedding, so where you choose to shave your budget is entirely a matter of preference. Maybe you’d rather spend the extra money on real flowers instead of using wedding sparklers in your centerpieces. Maybe hiring a prod DJ is an important concept to you. Just balance out your wants and your needs with creative alternatives that lower your costs and you can keep you on budget a lot easier.

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Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer for your big day can be very confusing. With the hundreds (if not thousands!) of options available nowadays, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. But don’t lose hope just yet; after all, there are several tricks you can use to narrow down your list and find the best possible wedding photographer. One thing you can do is to keep the following factors in mind:


Each photography expert has a different style. Some prefer a cinematic, romantic feel with a touch of vintage elegance – making your pictures look like they’re taken out of a classic film. Others have a casual, laid-back technique – making the couple and their guests feel relaxed and at home. Still others adopt a dark, Gothic approach – giving their images a fashionably edgy look.

So when looking for someone who’ll cover your special day, make sure to check his photography style. As much as possible, choose an expert whose sample pictures melt your heart and whose approach speaks to your personality and matches your theme.


Some brides look for a photographer with the cheapest rates, while others don’t do any research and just hire the first person they meet (no matter how expensive they may be). Don’t make either mistake; instead do your homework, browse through the available options and compare prices. This way, you’ll find someone who offers the best possible wedding photography Brisbane (or wherever you’re tying the knot). The person should also provide you with clear, detailed and gorgeous pictures. Most of all, he should charge reasonable rates and give you excellent value for money.


Your photographer’s responsiveness and communication style can clue you in to the type of service he provides. Does he openly talk about his work and give you the information you need? Does he answer your questions in a sincere and accommodating manner? Can you reach him easily through e-mail, text message or voice calls and then get his response in a timely and courteous manner? Does he remain patient even after you’ve grilled him with hundreds of questions? If your answer is “Yes”, it shows you’ve made the right choice and are in good hands.


You and your wedding photographer don’t have to end up as best friends forever, but you do need to have a certain connection that will let you work well with each other. You won’t feel uncomfortable, bored or get mad and irritated as he takes your pictures. Similarly, your photographer will find it easy to capture the special moments and give you the wonderful and creative pictures you want.

Finding the right wedding photographer can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. But, by keeping the factors above in mind, you can make this task way less complicated.

Wedding events planners

Wedding events planners can be a valuable asset when it comes to arranging your big day. Arranging a wedding is a chief responsibility that can quickly lead to misery and stress to the soon-to-be married couple. Many people think that there are no benefits to working with a professional to manage a big party like their wedding because it is a great expense reserved for those who have enough money to spend, but the point is only a professional wedding planner can get you the arrangements of your dreams and wishes within your budget.

Tasks, needs and benefits of a wedding coordinator:


The work description of wedding planners involves the coordination and management of all the particulars included in the process. For example food arrangements, flowers, party planning, and bargaining contracts with a photographer and videographer. There are DJ and other music preparations and complete booking of all wedding arrangements. They will also arrange the color selections, wedding dress, reception and party locations and menu selections.

Apart from this, they keep professional contacts with other companies like hotel staff, florists, halls and Party design companies. They have a list of every service in their contacts so that every essential arrangement can be done including all services. Wedding planning agencies also have many contacts that can provide all types of material at discounted rates and try to provide the best of everything.

Their tasks also involve all the parts of wedding ceremony, booking the location or marriage hall, taking care from starting to end arrangements, managing the catering and entertainment program to make the special day as per the client’s requirements. They will also be in present at the party to confirm that everything is alright and going as planned.


To organize the ceremony and reception
Due to the couple’s lack of knowledge
Arrange the wedding ceremony as per your dreams
Suggest locations that fit your style and ideas
Look after of any emergencies that may arise


You can save your time and decrease stress
A wedding planner will bargain and try to get the best deals from wedding dealers and sites, like PrintGlobe.
A wedding planner can also be tasked to complete the formal arrangements, hold the budget and confirm that all contracts and schedules are taken care of in a particular and timely manner.

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Wedding welcomes could be bought in mass, tweaked, customized, adorned, prioritized, requested on the web, or examined disconnected from the net. Whatever the technique or medium, there is still the inquiry of printing paper. All welcomes pick a certain sort of printing paper. Believe it or not. Contemplate it. Welcomes aren’t sent on printer paper, development paper, or standard stationary.

Wedding welcomes oblige their novel type of paper to make the arrangement picture-great. A short diagram of the distinctive sorts of printing paper will make it simple to choose which kind is best for your wedding, your visitors, and in particular, your financial plan.

With imprinting, tomography, letterpress, emblazoning, visually impaired decorating, counterbalance printing, and expressions & makes strategies that are unheard of, how would you ever pick? The basic answer is that financial plan ought to start things out.

Imprinting is the most arcane, reason the expression, of wedding welcome printing. Other people like to call it customary. It’s additionally the most lavish so you may need to withdraw for a less expensive choice. It includes copper, ink, and superb paper in a long, undue procedure.

Thermography gives the same results without the price of the before stated method of etching; it’s a more rational choice, beyond any doubt.

Letterpress is material, wonderful, fresh, and modest. It’s a brilliant move for a vintage, offbeat, masterful, or supernatural feel. Imaginative people ought to use this system or think of one of their own printing techniques.

The coolest alternative, embellishing, makes raised impacts on the paper by streaming the paper through metal plates. You can buy an embossed or take it to an expert for incredible administration.

Balance printing, otherwise called lithography, is the level sort of printing seen magazines, postcards, and other famous media things that people consistently scrutinize. It’s rich, trendy, and reasonable.

Whatever printing style you pick, recall the accompanying: the colors, pictures, delineation, and message are maybe more imperative than printing. Using all your cash on an expert calligrapher will do you horrible if you have no cash left over for the cards and delivery. Now and again, the price of wedding welcomes can escape from hand when one element assumes control over the others. Keep all of them in equalization, and you’ll do fine when the last item turns out. There are such a large number of alternatives that its justifiable for buys to escape from hand. The printing procedure, however, doesn’t need to wasteful. Pick the keen move. Pick your printing method shrewdly – in view of plan. Stay centered.

It appears that, each Dubai wedding videographer today has is a piece of the wedding day. The specialty of Dubai wedding videography progressing more than three earlier decades. With the distinctive revelation in engineering, it has pick up gigantic ubiquity throughout the years especially on account of à la mode camcorders & related apparatuses. Videography is a sumptuous calling as it has need of real costly apparatuses and an extra hand. For this reason almost all couples decide to contract an occasion videographer Dubai for the marriage day and have the memories recorded in a specific clear way.


Weddings happen once, and it is dependent upon the pair to have this great day record either by photography or cinematography. Countless will enlist an independent Dubai wedding videographer to catch-all the critical minutes however in this computerized world we get by in, photographs are not enough. To esteem all the minute better, a feature footage of every last one of exercises is an extraordinary intends to stick with it alive. The profit of features is the data that it catches the picture as well as the feeling & the sound-related. To make this an accomplishment, you will oblige a marriage Videographer Dubai with a lot of experience.

An expert Dubai marriage videographer for unsurpassed visits the site of marriage and its encompasses past to wedding date to pick the best open air & indoor areas for photography and features. A current pattern in marriage Videographer Dubai is narrative method features. Dubai is an incredible spot to make a narrative style wedding feature. It incorporates recitation that can stay things instructive for viewers of the marriage film. A splendid and educated Dubai marriage videographer who is well-known with the city can likewise set in the cuts of the open air locales and its encompasses with a portrayal about history of the spot. The narrative style altering of wedding day film take in the portrayal of the event from the begin till the end, film cuts from the day of the event, meeting of the woman, groom, relatives & close partners, & past family films or photographs to give the marriage feature a selective touch.

One more pattern is of making attract consideration about features of the event to stay things giving careful consideration and correct. For a great deal of, viewing a feature about the event is every now and again time intolerable. An extraordinary Dubai master videographer additionally incorporates a set of accentuates features of the event in a last conveyance so group of onlookers can to watch the event in speedy time. These attract regard for features every now and again embody the most critical minutes of the day with the short cuts of whole marriage day so that the feature can go behind a timetable of the event in grouping.

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